Saxophone Maintenance


You will need:

  •  A Swab
  •   Reeds
  •   A reed guard
  •   Medium key oil
  •   Clean cloth
  •   Cork grease
  •   End plug
  •   Neckstrap
  •  Mouthpiece brush
  •   Mouthpiece cap

Every day:

  •   Apply a small amount of cork grease to your cork
  •   Always use your neckstrap when playing your saxophone
  •   Store your mouthpiece in its mouthpiece cap
  •   Store your reeds in a reed guard when they are not being used
  •   Swab your saxophone when you are done playing it
  •   Put the end plug in the top of the saxophone body before putting the saxophone in its case

Every week:

  Lightly wipe down the keys and body to remove any fingerprints

Every month:

  •   Oil keys.  We highly recommend using a medium key oil that comes in a needle oiler, such as Hetman Medium Key Oil #17.  Apply one drop of oil between each key and post, then press the keys a few times to work the oil in.
  •   Check your cork to make sure it is not coming loose or starting to tear.  If it is, bring it to the shop.
  •   Clean your mouthpiece using your mouthpiece brush, warm water and a mild soap, such as Dawn or Palmolive

Every year:

  •   Bring your instrument in to the shop to make sure it is in top working order.  We will provide a free estimate and let you know what, if anything, needs to be done to your instrument to keep it functioning at its best.