Clarinet Maintenance



You will need:

  •   A Swab
  •   Reeds
  •  A reed guard
  • Light key oil
  •  Clean cloth
  •   Cork grease
  •   Mouthpiece brush
  •   Mouthpiece cap

Every day:

  •   Apply a small amount of cork grease to your corks
  •  Store your reeds in a reed guard when they are not being used
  •   Store your mouthpiece in its mouthpiece cap
  •   Swab your clarinet when you are done playing it


Every week:

 Lightly wipe down the keys to remove any fingerprints

Every month:

  •   Oil keys.  We highly recommend using a light key oil that comes in a needle oiler, such as Hetman Light Key Oil #16.  Apply one drop of oil between each key and post, then press the keys a few times to work the oil in.
  •   Check your corks to make sure they are fitting properly.  You should be able to put your clarinet together with minimal effort, and the joints should not wobble once it is assembled.  If your clarinet becomes difficult to assemble, or wobbles once it is assembled, bring it into the shop.
  •   Clean your mouthpiece using your mouthpiece brush, warm water and a mild soap, such as Dawn or Palmolive

Every year:

  • Bring your instrument in to the shop to make sure it is in top working order.  We will provide a free estimate and let you know what, if anything, needs to be done to your instrument to keep it functioning at its best.